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Gammill Statler Stitcher 30-12


The Gammill Statler Stitcher 30-12 is the ultimate tool for the professional quilter.

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The Gammill Statler Stitcher 30-12 is the ultimate tool for the professional quilter. Unrivalled quality, the most capable and user friendly Creative Studio software, the strongest tables, free software updates....forever and unmatched warranty. Combine those facts with a long history of being the machine of choice for the worlds award winning quilters, it's no surprise Gammill is the leader. The 30-12 machine offer maximum efficiency for the professional quilter. Suited to quilters who require maximum functionality, fast accurate quilting for either custom or edge to edge quilting, this machine delivers on every level. Comprising a full die cast Gammill 30 inch long x 12 inch tall long arm quilting machine head featuring double capacity bobbin, built on bobbin winder, laser light for precise sighting of needle point and Gammill Creative Studio software featuring amazing tools with a user friendly interface provides four stitching modes including regulated, constant speed baste and of course, automatic. A power assist function for effortless hand guided work is only one of the many tools included to make the quilters job as easy as possible. This model brings a wonderful blend of intimate quilting with all the tools you can ever wish for. The Statler Stitcher 30-12 is complete with 12ft all steel professional Gammill GS pivot access table, one touch pick up roller height adjustment, Dell PC complete with table mounting brackets and the stability Gammill are known for. The table is equipped with the Breeze track system (custom table sizes available as option.)

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