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Gammill Vision 2-0-22-10


The Gammill Vision 2.

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The Gammill Vision 2.0 22-10 delivers renown Gammill quality in a machine size that is perfect for the quilter needing more space than the 18 can deliver, but still wants to be right up close to the work. Comprising a full die cast Gammill 22 inch long x 10 inch tall long arm quilting machine head featuring double capacity bobbin, built on bobbin winder, laser light stylus for pantograph work and Gammill operator control interface via the 10 inch tablet provides four stitching modes including regulated, constant speed, baste and coast regulated. The machine also allows for the operator handle switch functions to be set and changed to the operators preference. This model brings a wonderful blend of lightweight, intimate quilting with the extra working space that is always handy. The Vision 2.0 26-10 is complete with 12ft all steel professional Gammill GS pivot access table, one touch pick up roller height adjustment and the stability Gammill are known for. The table is equipped with the Breeze track system (custom table sizes available as option.)

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