Seiko LSWN Twin Needle


The Seiko LSWN series has been used in the industry for approx 15 years.

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The Seiko LSWN series has been used in the industry for approx 15 years. The machine is a twin needle lockstitch compound feed walking foot machine featuring large capacity top load bobbin, hook safety clutch device, reverse, adjustable stitch length, high foot lift and semi-automatic lubrication and is capabile of stitching up to a M20 thickness of thread. A range of standard and custom needle gauges are available. The machine is ideal for light-medium weight leather goods, bags, tents, annexes, canvas products, PVC products, upholstery and much more. Typically supplied with heavy duty sewing bench and your choice of either heavy duty clutch motor or electronically controlled needle position motor the machine is a smooth running performer that is user friendly for even novice sewers. Optional devices include rear fabric puller, top stitching and piping feet sets, custom material folders and binding attachments, flourescent or LED machine lights and more.


MAX SPEED: 2600 spm


MAX PRESSER FOOT LIFT: 8.5mm by hand lever, 13mm by knee press

NEEDLE GAUGES: 3.2mm - 38mm (refer brochure.)

LUBRICATION TYPE: Semi automatic

NEEDLE TYPE: 135 x 17

Enquiry About Seiko LSWN Twin Needle LSWN-28BL-3 GAUGE 1/4"